Month: April 2024

News on East-Timor

Netflora: Cultivating Biodiversity and Prosperity in East Timor

eyesoneast-timor 1. Introduction East Timor, a jewel in Southeast Asia, cradles a rainforest of immense ecological significance. This verdant tapestry, like delicate lacework, weaves together unique species, ancient trees, and life-sustaining ecosystems. However, the delicate balance is threatened by deforestation and climate change. Enter Netflora, an ingenious AI technology developed by Embrapa, which holds the…
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Combatting and fighting Plastic Pollution

Norway leads eyesonproject Amsterdam, 29 april 2024 — ‘Plastic pollution is one of the fastest growing environmental problems in the world. We are now extending our initiative to combat plastic pollution in developing countries by providing up to NOK 1 billion over a period of four years’, said Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Tvinnereim. Plastic…
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